The conventional beekeeping uses substances which are based on the latest achievements of the chemical industry and the veterinary medicine. Feeding the bees with such substances equals the treatment of plants with various chemicals-pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. However, the organic beekeeping uses organic acids only which can also be found in the honey and the honey products anyway. We use essential oils and plants which produce substances used before the appearance of the synthetic veterinary medicine. The bees should not be fed with synthetic foods and sweeteners and they must collect pollen in clean agricultural regions planted mainly with wild honey-yielding vegetation, far from busy motorways and other sources of pollution.

The mountain and semi-mountain Bulgarian regions, which actually cover one-third of the country’s territory, provide best opportunities for organic beekeeping amidst clean nature. In fact, Bulgaria is among the three European countries with biggest variety of herbs. The honeydew honey for example is the most valuable one and does not need to be certified, because it is yielded from the English Oak (Quercus Robur) which grows in abundance in our mountain regions.